Floating spirit


I adore you as you are naughty,
you may be pretty but not to me,
your lock float before your eyes,
those sleepy little pair,
lying lazy below the arched eyebrows,
Still you may be pretty,
but not to me
When you walk alone,
dipping your feet in the stream,
cold water kissing gently,
you held your head high,
sunshine glowing in your hair,

I see a white swan, floating,
mesmerising the world
in its own term,
you may look pretty,
nice to look at.

When you look at me,
deep into my heart,
you feel the pain
and happiness of mine,
you try to express,
but I could listen to your feelings,
you understand and smile back,
I see the most prettiest face,
and I know it is seen by only me.

Categorized as Mindspeak

By gautammridha

Wish to post smiles miles away

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