travelling miles

My eyelids seems heavy,
not due to lack of sleep,
they carry the memory,
of loving bond brewed in the  trip.

Watched the  vastness,
so overwhelming,
rustic green grey wilderness,
so enchanting,
white Rabits in the sky,
keep floating,
Skyscraper near and high,
so nestling.

Shining cars racing by,
on six lane whispering shy,
Humanity of  colours
    living in harmony,
respecting dignity,
     of everybody.

Saw lazy sunset
   painting rainbow twilight’s,
on slanted hill so deserted
   gentle Pacific washing feets.

Twelve days went by,
seems to be now a dream,
watching bird’s and butterfly
sharing nature’s spoil as a team.

We have driven miles after miles,
capturing tons of memories,
preening heart making a promise,
return again before my eyes dies.

By gautammridha

Wish to post smiles miles away

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